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Home Buying with Dented Credit and Zero Down

The housing meltdown that began in 2006 was caused by a number of factors. The biggest culprit however was the...

8 steps to get your garden ready for spring (And maybe for selling!)

March 20, 2018—the day those of us who love nothing more than getting dirty in the backyard have longed for....

The Team From TheReal239.Com Adds More Home Sales In Lehigh Acres

Congratulations to Cathryn blair-Bennett  for adding to home sales in Lehigh Acres with this gorgeous home co...

Are online real estate agent reviews reliable?

If you’re one of those people who won’t buy a product or use a service until you’ve checked the online.....

3 home safety hazards and how to prevent them

We all get complacent when it comes to safety factors in our homes, so let’s make 2018 the year we...

Negotiating with the buyer after the home inspection

Negotiating the successful close of a home sale begins with price and contract terms and doesn’t end until t...

How to keep your windows from fogging up in the winter

All those gorgeous windows that allow summertime sunshine to stream through the home are useless to view the w...

Do I Have to Use the Builder’s Lender and Real Estate Agent?

The real estate industry does a spectacular job educating first-time homebuyers. There’s so much valuable in...

Critical winter home staging tips

Winter home sales don’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Sure, the sun isn’t always shining and...


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