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Home Buying with Dented Credit and Zero Down

The housing meltdown that began in 2006 was caused by a number of factors. The biggest culprit however was the...

Tips to consider when buying a home with family members

The industry that brought you the iconic “location, location, location” has a new one for you: “multigen...

Get Help With Your Down Payment Assistance

It’s frustrating to have a decent-paying job, a bright earnings future and acceptable credit and still not b...

“Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes. They Wear Dog Tags”

Sure, it’s a slogan on a t-shirt, and nobody has yet to take credit for it, but it sums up...

How To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

One of the biggest obstacles standing between you and that house or condo you want to buy may be your...

What You Don’t Know About Adjustable Rate Mortgages May Cost You

When shopping for a mortgage, have you noticed how much lower the rates are for a variable mortgage than a...

3 questions you absolutely, positively must run by your real estate agent

  Caution: Taking action on a whim, without consulting your real estate agent, may be hazardous to your r...

What every homebuyer needs to know about mortgage rates

  Will they go up again? It’s the top-of-mind question for lenders, real estate professionals and real ...


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