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8 steps to get your garden ready for spring (And maybe for selling!)

March 20, 2018—the day those of us who love nothing more than getting dirty in the backyard have longed for....

6 To Do Things For Selling A Home In Southwest Florida

Season is here in Southwest Florida. The signs are all around you! What are we talking about here? Football se...

Selling Your Home? Make Sure It Appraises For Maximum Value

There are two phases of the home selling process that throw most homeowners for a loop: The home inspection an...

2 Important Forms You’ll Need To Sign When You Sell Your Home

  Like practitioners in any profession, real estate agents and brokers have a unique vocabulary, they usher t...

What Does A Title Company Do?

Whether it’s your first time buying or selling a home, one of the most confusing aspects of either process i...

Stage Your Kitchen To Sell

You don’t have to be an impeccable housekeeper when selling a home – you just need to look like one....

6 reasons your competitors are beating you in the bidding wars

It’s Sunday evening and John and Mary Homeseller and Anita Deal, their real estate agent, are sitting at the...

3 questions you absolutely, positively must run by your real estate agent

  Caution: Taking action on a whim, without consulting your real estate agent, may be hazardous to your r...

What’s it worth? 3 questions about value-boosting home characteristics

  Of the many questions we field from homeowners thinking of selling their homes, the most frequent start...


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