Building New Homes In Cape Coral

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
Published on October 3, 2017

New homes in Cape Coral Florida have been popping up post recession in strong numbers. Waterfront homes were the first to return as builders looked to take advantage of Cape Corals biggest asset. Waterfront new homes in Cape Coral pricing tends to run north of 400k. This put a large section of buyers on the sidelines for a long period of time. Next came the production builders. Pricing was better, but options were very limited and quality was suspect. Now, Irma comes to visit  and more questions about new homes in Cape Coral are being raised. Are the current homes being built safe? Will they withstand a major storm? Are they efficient? Well, homes have to be to  the current code but not beyond. One builder of new homes in Cape Coral is going above and beyond Cape Signature Homes is using a revolutionary wall system called Hercuwall.

Watch the video below from the nations third largest home builder currently using Hercuwall.

HercuWall® is a single product that combines many operations: composite concrete and steel structure, superior insulation, water and vapor barrier, window and door casings and sills, and attachment points for drywall and exterior finishes.

HercuWall® incorporates patented ShearStrip® Technology that is a disruptive innovation facilitating concrete construction without conventional steel rebar reinforcing. This advancement is the “secret sauce” that gives HercuWall® its unique advantage in the marketplace.

HercuWall® consists of a kit of panels manufactured on computer controlled equipment to exactly match the architectural plans for each individual project. HercuWall® is delivered to the job site as a kit of panels that when set in place exactly match the plans for the building. The kit contains corner panels, wall panels, and window and door panels. Installed by framers or block masons, the system is easy to learn and requires no special trades skills as no job site modification of the panels is required.

HercuWall® competes with wood frame and concrete block construction providing a faster build cycle, a stronger, more energy efficient, bug proof, water proof, mold proof, quieter home or building. Highly durable and virtually maintenance free.

HercuWall® window and door openings more precise than site built construction. Each opening is cased out with a extruded XPVC material that looks and feels like wood but is impervious to water and weather, will never rot, and is maintenance free. The XPVC casings can be painted and exposed or wrapped with stucco or siding on the exterior and drywall on the interior. A sloped window sill from the same materials finishes the opening.

As you can see the home below appears as any other home when finished.

Backed by over 40 years experience in construction, Cape Signature Homes has devised 8 floor plans for building new homes in Cape Coral with standard features that are considered upgrades with many other builders. These features include a metal roof with 40 year warranty, brick walkways and driveway, choice of exterior finish, granite counters, many flooring options, 9′ ceilings with inset trays, choice of appliance package and much more.

 Located in and specializing in new homes in  Cape Coral, the team has been serving the West Coast of Florida from Tampa to Naples since 2002.   Specializing in helping our clients design and build high-end, custom new homes in Cape Coral constructed using a revolutionary and state-of-the-art insulated, poured concrete paneling system that delivers superior strength, safety, and energy efficiency.

We currently feature 8 floor plans ranging in size from 1325 sf. to 2338 sf. and prices starting at $180,000. The models for the new homes in Cape Coral include The SeaGem, The GulfView, The SandDollarThe BeachWalk, The SandCastle, The Coconut Cove, The Surfside and The Boca Grande.

Building New Homes In Cape Coral
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